Our Story

We started off similar to anyone in the marketing industry designing material for local small businesses in 2009. Building and cultivating relationships in various industries such as Real Estate, Food, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning and much more. Digital & Print marketing was our main focus starting off now we have introduced more Service Videos for various online platforms. Helping you grow is what keeps us going, you trust us with your reputation so we deliver quality you can rely on. We’ve refined our marketing systems, website platforms, and overall strategy on what it takes to drive leads on and offline in multiple different industries.

We have introduced Complete Business Packages including Digital and Print Marketing materials. Content writing has been by far the hardest part of creating these packages, we’ve taken care of that. So there no need to sit down and come up with clever engaging verbiage. You’ll need to read through the content and make small changes pertaining to your location and specific services.

Meet The Template Team



Jeremy started in college building HTML templates in online market places. Learning the ins and outs of visual connection between products/services and consumers. Through years of trial and error (to the tune of 250,000+ and counting individual products sold). He has now taken all that experience and cultivated time saving Complete Business Packages for numerous industries.


CTO & Website Designer

Samantha is always thinking of new and exciting ways to communicate ideas. Building beautiful effective websites that performs like a champ. She enjoys cooking, mountain biking, drawing and taking her Siberian Husky named Jacks on walks. She loves trying new things and hopes to travel to The Great Pyramid of Giza someday.


Director of Customer Support

Naomi is front line of mostly everything at Template Country. She will be the main person talking to you via LiveChat in the bottom right hand corner, from answering questions to problem solving and so much more. One top of that, she has 2 amazing kids who she loves to bring and put to work.


Senior Product Designer

Aaron sits in a dimly lit back office listening to smooth jazz and designing. Dedicated to speed (not joking at all) he times himself doing everything. Him and his team cranking out all the designs you see on our website. He loves fishing and video game steaming (he told me to tell you guys to follow him on something called Twitch, whatever that means lol)