What qualifies as a catastrophic injury in North Carolina?   In our work, we meet people with many different kinds of injuries that occur in a wide variety of situations. Sometimes people want to know if their injury is “catastrophic,” often because this word was used in the fine print of their insurance policy. Depending on what the policy says, it may be a reason for denying a claim or actually paying it, or it may affect how much is paid out. How Is A Catastrophic Injury Defined? A catastrophic injury is one that has a permanent and serious effect.

What can I do to avoid being in a car accident in inclement weather in North Carolina? Though driving safely in North Carolina should always be a priority, it may never be more important than when driving in inclement weather. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 25% of car accidents are weather-related, especially when the pavement is wet, whether it’s due to rain, snow, sleet, ice, or fog.  It is interesting to note that of the crashes due to wet roads, a majority of the accidents occur during rainstorms, as opposed to wet roads due to.

I was in a car accident that resulted in a severe head injury. What should I do? Being in a serious car accident can lead to many types of severe injuries, from broken bones to internal bleeding. One common injury that results from major car accidents is head injuries, which can range from mild concussions to an injury extreme enough to cause a coma or even brain death. According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, car accidents caused up to 17% of the total TMI (Traumatic Brain Injury) deaths in the state in 2019.

Should I have a dashcam in my car in North Carolina? As technology has become more and more advanced, more motorists are becoming interested in having a dashboard camera, or dashcam, in their vehicles. However, is it a good idea to install a dashcam in your car?  There is some important information to weigh before deciding for or against adding a dashcam to your personal vehicle. Our experience as Charlotte car accident lawyers has found that they can be helpful in a broad range of situations, but they aren’t a cure-all for complex injury claims.