Lighting Design – Interior and Exterior

CEC is experienced in working closely with the client to layout lighting with controls and perform lighting level calcuations for a functional and code-compliant design. CEC can also leverage connections to local lighting designers/representatives to provide more feedback speaking to aesthetics and budget.

Utility Coordination

CEC knows the importance of getting the utility involved early for successful projects. For each project that requires new utility service or service upgrade, CEC will be involved directly with the utility  each step of the way.

Power Distribution

CEC provides design of power distribution from the utility transformer to points of utilization.

Generator Design

CEC provides design of both required and standby emergency power.

Fire Alarm System Layout

CVC provides the layout of fire alarm system devices and description of how the system shall work.

Telecommunications / Low Voltage Infrastructure

Project Management

Mentorship / Trainging

Christina Caldwell has a background in lecturing at the Collegiate level. With an interest in education, CEC can provide mentoring and direct training to recent graduates and green engineers with the building construction electrical engineering design field.

Site Investigation

Construction Administration